International Medical Insurance For
Latin America & Multi-Country Coverage

Article Regarding Medical Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Life Insurance Options For Expatriates, Visitors & Retirees Heading To Latin America & Mexico

Major Medical Plans with Lifetime Coverage & Medical Evacuation
Renewable Multi-Country Coverage For  USA, Mexico, Latin America & Worldwide. Click
Enter ages & Citizenship to get price


Short Term Medical Plans
For short stays of  1 week up to 36 months for as little as 59 cents a day.


Trip Cancellation Insurance For Citizens Of All Countries
Includes Medical Coverage * Ocean  Cruises * Expeditions * High Risk Occupation or Journey

IMG  Insurance For Citizens Of All Countries
Missionaries * Expatriate Renters and Owners * Visiting Your Timeshare * Boat Crew * Students * Ocean  Cruises * Expeditions * High Risk Occupation or Journey


Group Travel Medical Plans
Short Term Emergency Medical For Groups Of 5 or More


More Medical Plans & Employer Group Plans
Spanish & English

Medical Air Evacuation
Air Evac Only- Best Plan Available


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Reasons You Need International Health Insurance Protection

1. The cost of emergency medical air evacuation can be $8000 to $40,000 or more in U.S. Dollars per event.
2.  Medical Expense *  Accidental Death & Dismemberment * Opt. Flight Accident Plan
3. Often times the Hospital can receive Direct-Reimbursement from the International Insurer. Private Hospitals usually have network relationships with our insurance carriers
4. Visiting Mexico and other Latin America countries
5. Residing or visiting outside your country of citizenship may create challenges for your existing healthcare program, which  could leave someone with a significant financial exposure
6. U.S. State Department strongly recommends all traveling citizens obtain proper International Health coverage. Medicare does not cover anyone outside the USA. For more on this visit: 
7. Latin America Auto Insurance Policies usually have minimal medical/ health coverage

If questions or if you have a medical condition, Call International Insurance-Seguros 
and ask for Tony or Patricia Romero at USA Tel: 480-445-9324, or 
From Mexico dial our Mexico City number 01-555-35-15282.
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